Infographic: TechieLobang 2012 Report Card

It is the starting of a new year 2013. TechieLobang hereby wishes everyone good health and may all your wishes come true in the coming years. This is also a time I reflect on TechieLobang and the direction of this blog. For a start, I have made an Infographic for TechieLobang 2012. Check it out.


This is my first attempt to make an infographic. So, it is a very simple one. A break down of the Infographic:

Traffic View

  • Unique Visitors: 307,896
  • Number of Visits: 989,703
  • Pages: 3,848,577
  • Hit: 17,375,363
  • Bandwidth: 387.18 GB

BTW, there is a Alexa Ranking for TechieLobang that I did not place inside the Infographic. It is a Global ranking for a site. It is based on 3 months average.  My target is to get to 100,000 by end-2013.

Blog Post

  • Number of Post: 1230

Blog Post with Most Facebook Share

Seems like local news is still the draw to TechieLobang.

TechieLobang on Social Media

As you can see, there are many ways that you can get connected with TechieLobang.


I would like to take this opportunity to announce the new Logo for TechieLobang. It is the first logo for TechieLobang. It is designed to be like a on/off switch with QR code embedded in it (yes, you can scan the logo). Some may have already noticed it. It took me a while to make it to my like.

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The essence behind the design: TechieLobang is like a Power switch. Always “on” in RED to churn out Technology news. The “T” represent TechieLobang/Technology. TechieLobang is always trying to be efficient. Hence, the QR code embedded on the Logo is a way to show that you can get to the site in the fastest means.


Summary and direction for TechieLobang in 2013

Thank You

I wish to thank the readers who bothered to come and read my posts, the brands who invited TechieLobang to events, perform collaboration works. I also wish to thank those who provided me “lobang” or tips/news along the way and PRs (local and worldwide) who are always providing me the latest news. TechieLobang will not be around without all of you.

Direction in 2013

TechieLobang, at this moment, is a OMO (one man operation). I started TechieLobang as a way to share technology news. Over the years, it has grown to the extend that I may have let many PRs or Brands down when I become very selective over the events that I attended. In 2013, I may be looking for tech enthusiasts (TechiElite) who are willing to be part of the TechieLobang team. I will announce it later in the year.

As technology improves, consumption and content of news also changes. TechieLobang has tried (and always trying) to keep up with the latest technology and ways to deliver news. In future, you will see more news related to social media, celebrities on TechieLobang.


To those who have subscribed to TechieLobang, thank you. As usual, I promise I will not spam you. So, far I think I have kept my promise. For those who have not subscribed, you can do so if you want to get updated on Giveaways or special announcements earlier.

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Advertising has been part of TechieLobang DNA for the past few years. I have not been pushing hard for it. In 2013, Advertising page will be revamped with new rates and ways to advertise.

I wish everyone a Happy New Year.

May all your wishes come true and good health, always