50,000 students to benefit from Educational Initiative launched at World IP Day Event

ipos_logoOn 26th April, the world celebrates World Intellectual Property Day 2013. Singapore also celebrated this day with the launch of an educational initiative that will benefit 50,000 Primary School students. More information in the Press Release. Remember to check out the links in the Press Release.

Press Release

50,000 Primary School Students to Benefit from Educational Initiative Launched at Singapore’s World Intellectual Property Day 2013 Event

Singapore, 26 April 2013 – Singapore celebrates World Intellectual Property (IP) Day 2013. The World IP Day is popularly celebrated by more than 100 countries around the world to raise the awareness of IP and respect for the contribution of creative artists and innovators worldwide.

2 The World IP Day 2013 event was organised by the Honour Intellectual Property (or HIP) Alliance, which is IPOS’ flagship public outreach initiative. It aimed to heighten public awareness and respect for IP by demonstrating how various forms of IP and creative works, such as music, movies, art, technology and fashion, have shaped and enriched the lives of Singaporeans.

3 Senior Parliamentary Secretary (SPS) for Ministry of Communications and Information and Ministry of Education, Ms Sim Ann, graced the event as Guest-of-Honour. At the event, SPS Sim Ann announced the launch of an IP activity booklet for Primary Schools. Developed by IPOS with the aim of educating students with the concept of IP through fun-filled and light-hearted educational activities, appreciation of IP is an essential life skill that complemented the Ministry of Education’s enhanced emphasis on values and character building. The IP activity booklet will be distributed to 50,000 Primary 5 students nationwide.

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4 Another recent IP public education initiative by IPOS was an online Facebook video application. Offering viewers an immersive experience, the application was developed to imbue the message of supporting originality and rejecting piracy. Accessible at www.the-complainer.com, the application features well-known home-grown actress, producer and director Michelle Chong.

5 Ms Michelle Chong said, “As a TV and film artiste, I understand the toil behind each creative effort, from scriptwriting to filming to post-production, all of which can take months or years to complete. To engage in online piracy is like stealing our creativity and our dreams. Keep our dreams alive by respecting IP, so that creative artistes stay motivated to share exciting works that keep our industry alive and vibrant. I strongly believe that if everyone plays a part in supporting originality, we can make a difference.”

6 More than 1000 members of the public from all walks of life attended the event and participated in a slew of fun activities, from photo booths with IP-related themes and hands-on community artwork, to free treats from local F&B favourites, as well as an evening finale show featuring local creative content. The finale show included a music segment where homegrown singer-songwriter Derrick Hoh performed his original compositions, a dance performance by local dance group Radikal Forze, and a ‘live’ 3D-effect video mapping show which also comprised a fashion show by local designer Jo Soh. The evening ended on a high with a “free” outdoor screening of the popular Disney movie, “Wreck-It, Ralph”.

7 Mr Tan Yih San, Chief Executive of IPOS, said, “IP is a small gesture to support and honour the works of creative artists in fashion, art, music, movie, etc. We have many creative artists and innovators in Singapore. When we buy a copy of our favourite music or movie, we are expressing our appreciation for the hard work that these creators have put in. Their creativities have enriched our lives. Singapore has done well in creating ideas as well as protecting these ideas. We have an internationally acclaimed credential in IP protection. Honouring IP (HIP) will go a long way into making Singapore a thriving and exciting place to live in.”

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8 Members of the public can find out more about the HIP Alliance and its initiatives at www.facebook.com/HIPalliance and www.hipalliance.com.