Event: Leica introduces Leica T-System in Singapore

Thanks to Leica, I was invited to the launch event of Leica T-System in Singapore and specifically, the Leica T camera. When you mention Leica, the first thing that comes to your mind is premium quality in their products. I know some of you might already be thinking that they come with a high price tag. In my opinion, with the quality of Leica T camera , it is worth it and not as high (price tag) as you might imagine.


The moment you hold on to a Leica T (Typ 701), you will immediately feel the difference. It feels so premium and the quality is really really good. Actually, this is no surprise because Leica craft the body out of a piece of Aluminum.

Here is the aluminum block and the end product.


The back view.


The front view.


That is not all. Check out the flash. Super good design and smooth.


Here is the side compartment for the SD card and port connector. BTW, the Leica T has a built in 16GB of memory.


I wonder if you have notice about this small little item on some camera. Leica has really put in great effort to ensure that the protection cover for the hot shoe is fitted nicely.


And check out the 16MP APS-C CMOS sensor.


One of the media actually asked the Leica executives why they did not use a Full-Frame sensor like the M series. They mentioned that if they use Full Frame, the lenses will be very bulky. I think that make a lot of sense in designing a compact camera.

Talking about the M-Series, here is some good news. Leica has made it possible for you to use the M-series lenses via the Leica M Adapter T. Check out the lens with the adapter.


A closer look.


The next important factor that is missing on the camera is the electronics view finder. For Leica T, you will need to purchase it separately. Leica provided a nice reason why it is not incorporated into the body.

One reason why they did not provide a built in view finder is that they wanted the camera as compact as possible. Another reason is that the view finder technology improves over years. With a detachable one, one can easily replace it when needed.






The next most interesting things to see are their accessories. Check out this rubber casing that is made of 2 parts.


You can open up to take picture as shown below.


Here is the top view


You can also purchase a super well designed strap. It will not scratch the body of the camera. BTW, the way the strap holds on to the camera is patented.



And some bag accessories for you to carry.



By now, y0u should be super interested to know the pricing and availability.  It will be available for Pre-Order now. Collection will be from 26th May onwards. As for the pricing, the body itself is S$2,500 and the kit lens is around the same price S$2,500.

A One-Day-Only Opportunity to Experience The New Leica T

For one day only, Wednesday 30th April 2014, lovers of pure photography and budding enthusiasts alike will have the opportunity to experience the world of the new Leica T at a special open house at the National Design Centre. This will be an opportunity for members of the public in Singapore to be some of the first in Southeast Asia to touch, feel and use the newest addition to the Leica family.

In addition to trying out the Leica T for themselves at the Photo Studio, visitors to the Open House will enjoy a multi-sensory experience of the Leica T, as well as an exhibition of incredible images photographed by the new Leica camera system.

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The Open House details are as follows:

Time: 10am – 4pm

Venue: National Design Center, 111 Middle Road

Access via Queen Street

Here is the Press Release

Press Release