Watch Adlatte adverts and earn money (video)

Adlatte is here in Singapore. Get rewarded just by watching advertisements. Before being skeptical over my blog title, Adlatte is actually very well received in Korea (originated) and Japan. And now, it has landed in Singapore.


Before I wrote this post, I personally signed up for it (because I am careful not to share wrong info 🙂 ). The idea about Adlatte is simple. Engaging the consumers with the advertisements from advertisers. Instead of just showing consumers advert only, it actually needs you (consumers) to complete a task after you have watched it. Once you complete the task, you will be “rewarded”.

Currently, do not expect many advertisers. In fact, my last check, it has none. Nevertheless, you can still earn some cash by watching these instruction ads.


Here is my profile after going through two of them and answering one question (each) from the ads.


Yes, that is SGD1.00 for my effort. Based on the Latte Store, I am supposed to be able to use this “rewards” by cash redemption through PayPal or top up a phone through the 3 Singapore Telcos (SingTel, StarHub, M1).  Note that you need a minimum of S$5.00 to top up a phone number from the Telcos and minimum S$15 to redeem from PayPal.


From what I see, I think more advertisers will hook up the service. The reason is simple. There is more engagement on the advertisements than most advertising platforms. Here is an official video on how it works.

And here is more information. You can use the QR Code at the end of this post to get the app (from iOS or Android). Although it says there is a Adlatte Singapore Facebook page, I could not find it. I had reached out to the PR to check. Here is the link to Adlatte Singapore Facebook Page.

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Korean wave continues with top Asian reward application

Top reward application in Japan and Korea, surpassing USD 13.8 million of its annual sales volume and recently a forerunner in Asian rewarding based mobile application, is now available in Singapore.

With its catchy slogan “Get Paid For Watching Ads on Your Mobile”. The launch was driven online via their official AdLatte Singapore Facebook page. With the Android and iOs platforms recently launched, the mobile app will see a steady increase in mobile phone users downloading the app and capitalising on its attractive offerings.

According to the Chief Executive Officer, Jeong Soohwan, “AdLatte is an incentivised ad service, providing rewards to users in exchange for their actions such as taking a quiz after watching an ad or downloading an app. Rewards consist of gift cards, coupons, discounts, virtual currencies, and cash back, which can be used to purchase items from the in-app store and even make donations. Advertisers can enhance their brand recognition by targeting selected customers, based on age, gender, or the operational systems of their phones. In addition, advertisers can access tracking statistics and analytics of their campaigns”

A brainchild of Soohwan, the mobile application was thought in 2010 when he founded AppDisco Co. Ltd. An IT venture company that advocated on its philosophy to provide services that are exciting and enjoyable, AppDisco consists of young and creative employees that aim to develop a new market with an innovative application created with a unique perspective. AppDisco’s portfolio of pioneering mobile applications currently includes ‘AdLatte’ and ‘LatteScreen’. Fast forward three years and AdLatte has already passed the 5 million and 1.5 million downloads mark in Korea and Japan respectively. It was also recently ranked as the number one mobile rewarding advertisement platform in the App Store’s social networking category.

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“Plans are big for Adlatte and the team” he mentioned. With its new global app ready to launch in 20 different countries this year, and now the official launch of the both the Android and iOs platforms in Singapore, we are confident that Singapore will become the frontrunner in AdLatte’s mobile advertising and will be a good case study for the other 19 countries to follow suit” he concluded.

Users can download the app by scanning the QR codes as attached below.

About AppDisco

AppDisco, headquartered in Seoul, South Korea, is a trendy, creative business venture that strives to give users a new and fun experience. AdLatte was the first movers of the mobile advertising industry in Korea. With unique ideas and passionate approach, AppDisco aims to help people understand the paradigm shift from web to mobile by developing original contents for smart devices. Currently, AdLatte is Korea’s number one mobile advertising rewarding application with over 5 million in Korea and 1.5 million downloads in neighbouring Japan. AdLatte’s main competence is providing performance based advertising service that allows advertisers to target their market and see instant results. While advertisers can target their customers, users can also choose the advertisement of their choice and get rewarded!
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