Nokia Lumia 920 OIS test against competitors Singapore style (video)

I believe you might have seen many videos of Nokia Lumia 920 against its competitors, recently being the GALAXY S4. Now, here is a Singapore version of the OIS test against iPhone 5 and Samsung GALAXY S3. Check it out.


Here is Timothy Go using the springy device (de-stabilizer) to check out Nokia Lumia 920 against iPhone 5 and the GALAXY S3. Of course, you already know the winner.

I have tried the device myself and I must say I am convince that Nokia does a great job with the OIS on Lumia 920

Hopefully, Windows Phone market will pick up. I guess many already know the hardware of Nokia. However, without good software (apps), the crowd will just be watching, hoping one day, the app store will be similar to Android or iOS.


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