Path 3.0 comes with Private Messaging, Stickers for iOS and Android

Path has been updated to Path 3.0. It comes with Private Messaging, Stickers and a shop selling stickers and photo filters. It was released to iOS first and now it is available for Android users.


My experience with Path has not been great. Many times I could not access the content properly or it will be loading at super slow speed. Many of my friends have stopped using Path.

However, those who continue to use Path told me that the good thing about Path is that when you upload a picture, you can also share with Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare and Tumblr. This, I agree.

With Private Messaging and Stickers, it seems that Path is trying to become one of the many messaging platforms (ie. Kakaotalk, Line and etc). They also have shops selling stickers. The only difference I see is that Path is also selling photo filters.

BTW, the stickers at Path’s shop is at $2.46. Not sure if it is in SGD or USD (should be SGD for In-App purchase – correct me if I am wrong). They look cute though.

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