Logitec Wireless Adapter 150M turns wired laptop into a Wi-Fi hotspot

Logitec is a USB2.0 super compact wireless adapter with 150Mbps communication speed compatible with IEEE802.11n/g/b. What is interesting is that it lets your computer, which may already connected to the Internet via LAN, to become a hotspot for other devices to connect to it.


There are actually 5 models that you can choose to fit different purposes. They are: “LAN-GMW3DS” for Wi-Fi games, “LAN-GMWVIT” for PlayStation Vista, “LAN-W150NU2AB”(Black) and “LAN-W150NU2AW”(White) for personal computers, and “LAN-W150NU2HT” for trips.

The price is 1,450yen which I think is very reasonable. Not sure if it will hit Singapore or not.


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