Singtel HTC Dream Launch – Dream Hands On & Demonstration – Video Within

As I had mentioned in my previous post that Singtel has arranged many Dream handsets during the launch, I am able to talk to the people there and play around the phone. Before the launch, I was quite skeptical over it. I never thought that the touch screen is so smooth (thanks to the capacitive screen) and also the menus are easy to understand.

I have made a video on the hands on by a Google employee (while I was talking to him)  and also a live demonstration and some tips on HTC Dreams by HTC product Manager, Calvin.


My first impression of HTC Dream

  • Very sensitive capacitive touch screen.
  • The design of the Home page is very nice as it has an extended home screen that spreads across 3 screens.


  • The menu itself is also easily accessible.
  • The keyboard (soft keyboard) is similar to iPhone. When you press it, the letter will pop up to let you see.
  • The overall build is quite solid and when you push the screen up to display the keyboard, it feels solid (no filmsy feeling).

Here is the video that I made (6 minutes long) on the hands on and demonstration.

It is still too early to say that this is an iPhone killer. I think that they are of a different league.

However, when I asked around about push mail and exchange server, I have mixed reaction. Some says that as the Android software is open source, they are sure that any loopholes in security of pushing mail can be solved in a matter of time. So, for those who wish to do email pushing via Exchange Server may need to Google around to get more information first.

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There are many chances for customisation for this HTC Dream. And with the Android Market, it will allow innovative developers to dabble with the imagination. In fact, there are some Singapore made software that are catered to social networking and search. According to Singtel, they are expecting more people to develop software for local (Singapore) market after the launch.

If you are still not sure, I suggest to you to go to Singtel Hello shop to try the phone first. I did this today at AMK Hub.