Nikon announces compact camera COOLPIX A with DX-format sensor (video)

Nikon today announces a new compact camera, COOLPIX A, with a DX-format sensor. That means you are able to take a lot of details on this compact size camera with its super big sensor. This 16.2 MPX camera has an optical view finder (additional accessory), a hot-shoe slot for compatible flash or GPS unit. At one glance, you might think that it looks like Canon PowerShot S110. Too bad, there is no wireless or touch screen to complement this product.


BTW, it comes with silver color too.


Here is the product video.

Here is the Press Release


New camera comes with rendering capabilities comparable to those of a digital SLR camera in a compact body –
and a new and exclusively designed wide-angle 18.5mm*1, f/2.8 fixed focal length NIKKOR lens

Tokyo, March 5, 2013, Tuesday – Nikon Corporation is pleased to announce the release of the COOLPIX A, the first COOLPIX compact digital camera equipped with a DX-format CMOS sensor.

The COOLPIX A packs the superior rendering capabilities of a digital SLR camera with the portability of a compact digital camera. Exclusively designed with a new wide-angle 18.5mm, f/2.8 (equivalent to a 28mm angle of view in 35mm [135] format) fixed focal length NIKKOR lens, the camera maximises the capabilities of the large DX-format CMOS sensor through its superior resolution and rendering performance. The camera’s adoption of a seven-blade iris diaphragm further allows users to enjoy beautiful and natural blur characteristics. Various types of aberrations are effectively reduced, demonstrating superior rendering performance throughout the entire frame at all aperture settings. Moreover, the practical wide-angle lens is designed with optics that maximise its performance while making the most of the compact digital camera’s portability, covering a wide variety of shooting scenes.

The COOLPIX A measures approximately 110mm in width, 64.3mm in length and 40.3mm in depth, and weighs approximately 299g*2. Despite its compact size, the camera’s DX-format CMOS sensor with an effective pixel count of 16.2 million pixels, image-processing engine, and NIKKOR lens delivers the same superior image quality, rich tonal expression, and colour reproduction as those of images produced by digital SLR cameras. What’s more, for users seeking extremely sharp images, the compact body of the COOLPIX A has not been equipped with an optical low-pass filter.

In addition to capturing 14-bit compressed NEF (RAW) images, the COOLPIX A is equipped with a number of functions that will make users want to use the camera more often, including a manual focus ring for greater creative expression, and a function for recording 1,920 × 1,080/30p full-HD movies. Another major feature is the metallic look and feel of its design, which includes an extremely durable magnesium alloy adopted for the top cover. The leather accent on the grip and dials cut from metal further ensure an elegant finish with attention to detail, while its solid build contains a sense of authenticity that is sure to feel like a source of pride to users.

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The COOLPIX A, moreover, offers a variety of dedicated accessories that enable complete system expansion. These include the Optical Viewfinder DF-CP1; the Adapter Ring UR-E24, which enables the attachment of lens hoods and filters; and the metal Lens Hood HN-CP18, which allows light to pass through the lens without negatively influencing images and helps protect the lens’ surface. The COOLPIX A further supports accessories for Nikon digital SLR cameras, such as Nikon Speedlights*3 and the GPS Unit GP-1, which enables recording of information such as latitude, longitude, altitude, date and time. The Wireless Mobile Adapter WU-1a can be utilised as well, for easy uploading and sharing of captured images and movies through a smart device (all accessories available separately).

• COOLPIX A Primary Features

1. A new wide-angle 18.5mm, f/2.8 (equivalent to a 28mm angle of view in 35mm [135] format) fixed focal length NIKKOR lens designed exclusively for the COOLPIX A

The new NIKKOR lens developed exclusively for the COOLPIX A has been optimised for the DX-format CMOS sensor and mechanical design of the lens barrel. The optical design maximises lens performance at a size built to keep the camera smaller and lens barrel slimmer. The lens has a fixed focal length of 18.5mm (equivalent to a 28mm angle of view in 35mm [135] format) and is well-suited to capture a variety of scenes, from landscapes and architecture to snapshots of vacations. It also enables greater creative expression through a perspective that is only possible with a wide-angle lens. Constructed with seven elements in five groups, it delivers images that exhibit a great balance of pin-sharp resolution and pleasing blur characteristics throughout the entire frame at maximum aperture, as well as the most commonly used f/5.6.

2. Equipped with a DX-format CMOS sensor and the EXPEED 2 image-processing engine

Despite being a compact digital camera, the COOLPIX A is equipped with a Nikon DX-format CMOS image sensor sporting an effective pixel count of 16.2 million pixels, and the EXPEED 2 image-processing engine, both similar to those built into Nikon DX-format digital SLR cameras. Without an optical low-pass filter, the camera’s NIKKOR lens is powered with superior rendering performance, producing images with superior resolution.

The camera also supports a broad range of standard sensitivities, from ISO 100 to ISO 6400, as well as additional expansion to up to ISO 25600 (Hi 2) for crisp, clear images that exhibit very little noise when shot at high sensitivities. What’s more, the image-processing engine – developed based on the ideas, know-how and technologies regarding digital images that Nikon has cultivated over the years – allows faster image processing, excellent noise reduction, better colour reproduction characteristics, and less power consumption. Support for recording and processing of 14-bit compressed NEF (RAW) images further enables reproduction of the finest details and textures, with rich tonal expression and broad dynamic range.

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3. An elegant, metal-feel design for a strong, durable body

Measuring approximately 110mm in width, 64.3mm in length and 40.3mm in depth, and weighing approximately 299g*4, the COOLPIX A is compact and lightweight, and can easily be carried anywhere. The adoption of magnesium alloy for the body offers a design with a metal look and feel, while ensuring strength and durability with a lighter weight. A leather accent on the grip and dials cut from metal further offer an elegant finish with attention to detail, and a solid body with a sense of authenticity that will be a source of pride to users.

4. A focus ring for operation that feels like that of a digital SLR camera, and an operation and monitor display that make it an excellent back-up for a digital SLR camera

The lens is equipped with a focus ring that allows users to focus in a way that suits their creative intent. It enables fine adjustments of focus, such as focus slightly in front of or behind the primary subject with macro photography, allowing users to enjoy an operational experience similar to that offered by digital SLR cameras. In addition, the camera includes an autofocus with manual override function. Therefore, when the shutter-release button is held down halfway and the focus ring is turned as the camera focuses automatically, manual focus is immediately activated.

The GUI built into the COOLPIX A is inherited from Nikon digital SLR cameras, ensuring smooth transition when it is used as a back-up to a digital SLR camera.

5. Full-HD movie recording function

The combination of NIKKOR lens, a DX-format CMOS image sensor, and the EXPEED 2 image-processing engine allows for sharp, high-resolution image and movie recording. The COOLPIX A also offers in-camera movie editing functions that allow users to save a single frame as a still JPEG image or delete unnecessary portions from the beginning or end of movie files.

6. Support for a variety of new, dedicated accessories, as well as digital SLR camera system accessories, for complete system expansion

A number of new accessories have been developed for use with the COOLPIX A. One of these is the new Optical Viewfinder DF-CP1, with its high eye point, approximately 90% frame coverage and 0.52× magnification. The Adapter Ring UR-E24 can also be used for attaching third-party 46mm filters as well as the HN-CP18 metal bayonet lens hood.

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Although the COOLPIX A is equipped with a built-in flash, external Speedlights*5 can also be used. What’s more, the COOLPIX A supports the GPS Unit GP-1 and Wireless Mobile Adapter WU-1a, both of which increase the possibilities of creative imaging expression as well as ways of enjoying images after they are captured. (All available separately)

• Other COOLPIX A  Features

  • High-speed continuous shooting at approximately 4fps
  • Normal and Keep warm lighting colours auto white balance options
  • Active D-Lighting, which prevents loss of detail in highlights and shadows for images exhibiting brightness similar to that seen with the naked eye, when shooting scenes with extremes in both light and dark settings
  • Nikon’s exclusive imaging system, Picture Control, which allows users to choose and adjust the way in which the camera processes photographs according to the type of scene or their own individual preference
  • A variety of image editing functions, including Filter Effects, Color Sketch, Selective Colour, and Miniature Effect
  • Virtual horizon display for visual confirmation that the camera is horizontally and vertically level
  • Very bright, 3-inch, approximately 921k-dot TFT LCD monitor with a wide viewing angle

Specifications, design, product name and supplied accessories may differ by country or area. Specifications and equipment are subject to change without any notice or obligation on the part of the manufacturer.

The information is current as of the date of publication. It is subject to change without notice.

Pricing and Availability
The pricing and availability will be confirmed at a later date.

*1 Equivalent to a 28mm angle of view in 35mm [135] format
*2 Including battery and SD memory card
*3 SB-910, SB-900, SB-800, SB-700, SB-600, SB-400
*4 Including battery and SD memory card.
*5 SB-910, SB-900, SB-800, SB-700, SB-600, SB-400