Infographic: VMware New Way of Life 2013

This infographic from VMware on New Way of Life reflects exactly (my opinion) what Singaporeans are facing each day. With more and more tech savvy people, BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) to work becomes more common (I hope it will become a norm here). From the survey/study, you can see that there seems to be a merger of work and personal space. The only setback I can see is that work/life balance will be difficult to juggle as everyone expects everyone to response/react immediately with the communication tools today.


Here are some key highlights in VMware report.

Key highlights include:

  • 67% of employees work from home and 61% work while on holiday, but more than half (58%) say that the use of personal devices has not affected their ability to switch off.
  • The use of personal technology is also a major contributor to the efficiency of today’s workforce, with 72% of respondents revealing that it makes them more efficient in completing tasks.
  • While almost all companies are aware that employees are bringing personal devices to work (97%), only half of the respondents feel they are getting adequate support.