EA Real Racing 3 is free on Android and iOS (video)

“Real Racing” fans, EA has released Real Racing 3 for iOS and Android devices and it is free for download. All you have to do is to spend your time to win the races or pay some money to buy your favorite race car.


Do note that it has super big file. For iOS, it will need 716Mb of space for this game and for Android, it will download  a small 6 Mb file first and followed with the rest.

Based on the maker, you will need 1.7GB of free space for this game. Here is a video.

Click Here to Real Racing 3 for Android devices


Click Here to Real Racing 3 for iOS device

If you need more information about the game, CNET has done a review on it.

Click Here to Check Out CNET review on Real Racing 3