I Am Getting the Spectra Pro that Casey Niestat Fails to Ride (video)

Ok. It has been a long while since I played on a skateboard. After observing so many electric skateboards in the market, I finally decided to get one. First, for the portability and second, it is cool to be able to control the skateboard again (OK, all these are excuses. I just love this new toy that I am sharing now!).


If you have seen Casey Niestat’s recent video, you might already have noticed the Spectra Pro.  But he could not get it to work properly. I was skeptical of the design as it does not need a controller to ride it.

Yes, no controller needed!

When I researched into the Spectra on Indiegogo, I think it is a well-thought design. I have not seen such a design in other electric skateboards in the market (yes, I have seen LOU, the electric skateboard). Basically, by leaning forward, the Spectra will move forward and by releasing the pressure from the toes (lifting them up), it will stop. Along with the built-in software, the Spectra is able to understand and learn more about how you ride it and adjust it accordingly. If you are still not comfortable, it has an app that can control the Spectra like a remote controller.

It has MagBrake, a design (for Spectra Pro) that helps to stop it (almost) immediately if you are not on it. It has regenerative motor hubs (2 motors for Spectra Pro) that can recharge the battery if you choose to ride it without power. It is light (at less than 6kg) and small as compared to other models in the market.

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Check out this video.

Not sure how long I will need to master it, the Spectra is supposedly easy to learn even if you don’t know how to skateboard. There are 4 different models to choose from, each with different specs. The Spectra Silver is the highest specs model amongst the four.


The Spectra Pro has a delivery date of August 2017. Based on my understanding of crowd-funding projects, I might have to wait a bit longer. Only 11 days left before this project ends. If you are as excited as me, check out the project.

Click Here to Check Out Spectra on Indiegogo

To tell you the truth, it has been a while since I am so excited about a crowd-funding project. The only concern I have is the front wheels with the motor hub. I am not sure how they can be replaced if they are worn out. For the rear wheels, they are using the standard PTU wheels, according to the information I gathered from the comments section.

Why I choose Spectra Pro


  • It does not need a remote
  • It has many safety features
  • It has quick charge (90mins) with magnetic charging port
  • It is water resistant
  • It is short
  • It is light and portable
  • It has decent speed and range
  • It has a high torque for ascending


Unfortunately, there is NO REVIEW that I can find on the Spectra. The closest is the one from Casey Niestat and he did not ride it either. I have to base on my guts feel to invest on it.

PS: More information about my pledge. It is USD799 and additional USD50 for delivery to Singapore.

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