Sony Xperia Z packaging and hardware walkthrough (Video)

Sony Xperia Z will be available in Singapore from Q1 2013. Here are some pictures and a video that I had taken on this device. BTW, have you watch how I dropped the Xperia Z into the water? Check it out here.


The feel of the Xperia Z is “premium”, according to a few “testers” (and myself of course) that I have asked. I wanted to know their first impression of this smartphone and the answer seems to align. Here is the short video that I made.

In my opinion, I think the Sony Xperia Z is too “boxy” (although people will say that this is a good industrial design), especially if you compare it with the close competitors. I believe that is what Sony wanted. And because the back is also a glass panel, it is a finger-print magnet.


I took some time to clean away the fingerprints and dust that were “attracted” to the glass before taking the pictures of the phone. It reminds me of the glass back of iPhone 4/4s.

Here is a close up of the 13 megapixels rear camera.


And here is the top and bottom view.


There is nothing on the bottom of the phone. On the top, you can see the 3.5mm earphone jack that is covered. Here is the 3.5mm earphone jack after opening up the cover.


And here are pictures of each side of the phone.


For this phone, Sony decided to put everything on the side. For example, on the right side, you can see the volume rocker button, the Power on/off button and the MicroSIM card slot. Here is the close up of the MicroSIM card slot  (the MicroSIM is on a holder) with the cover open.

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And here is the close up of the Power on/off button.


On the Left side, there is the MicroSD card slot and the magnetic connector (I believe it is use for dock).


Here is the MicroSD card slot with the cover open.



I am actually quite surprise that the Sony Xperia Z comes with such simple packaging. BTW, I am not sure if this will be the final packaging or not.


Here is the view when you open up (and take out the first layer which is used to house the phone).


More than one quarter of the box is used for the manual. Here is the plug with an USB port for charging the phone.


The cable is the standard Micro USB cable. Here is the in-ear earpiece. I like this design.



First impression is that the Sony Xperia Z is heavy (actually, it weighs only 146 grams). I guess it is because of the slimness of the device (7.9mm thin) that created the impression that it should be light, rather than heavy.

And it is boxy (you can feel the edge). Some may like it (better grip), some may not. In terms of design, I like the small touches like how the cover is flushed to the chassis and the ease to open them up.

That is it. A simple overview of the Sony Xperia Z’s hardware and packaging. If you need me to test anything, please let me know in the comments.