Review: Norton 360 Multi-Device and Giveaway Information

Norton launched Norton 360 Multi-Device last year (September 2012). And thanks to them, I have a copy for review. If you have been reading my blog, you will know that I have talked about Norton products many times. Finally, I can say that this Norton 360 Multi-Device is something that I am looking forward to use it.


The simple reason why I say that is because nowadays, people has many devices and not necessary with the same platform. For example, I have friends that use PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad and Android. I believe this is no longer a unique situation where people has more than 1 OSes in their devices.

With Norton 360 Multi-Device, you can actually protect up to 5 devices (PC, Mac, Android, iPad, iPhone) and the best part is, Norton did not restrict you the OS that you install the software, as long as the total is 5 devices.

Over the years, a group of us has been talking to Norton about our views on their products. I am glad that they listened to us (and to the vast Norton community of course).

In this review, I am making it very simple because protection of your devices should be simple and  in my opinion, invisible to most people.


I installed Norton 360 Multi-Device into just 2 devices: my laptop and Android smartphone. I have other phones but as they are not the primary phones, I did not install them. Installation should be similar.

In order not to confuse, I would like to explain that Norton 360 Multi-Device is actually a few products into one. For example:

  • On a PC: Norton 360 Premier
  • On a Mac: Norton Internet Security for Mac
  • On an Android/iPhone/iPad: Norton Mobile Security

Installation on a PC

Installation is super easy. There are two ways to install the software. You can use the CD provided or you can download the software.

Installation is about 10 minutes and in my case, the most difficult part is to key in the Product Key. Some screenshots of the installation.

After inserting the CD



Entering the Product Key


Installing the software




Exploring the Menu

Main Menu


My advice to you is to run the Live Update once you have installed to get the latest protection. Go to Task and select “Run LiveUpdate“.


The Norton Menu consists of 4 large icons: Security, Identity, Backup, Tuneup. One of my favorites is the Tuneup. It has always give me the peace of mind that the PC is being “monitored”.


Tuneup can help to check and optimize the hard disk, run file cleanup, do a diagnostic report and also “re-adjust” the Startup Manager. Sometimes, the startup is slow due to many programs running at the same time. The Startup Manager is to “help” by delaying some of the programs during startup. I find that this feature really useful.

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You should also run the Norton Insight under Security. It helps to optimize the system by checking for common files through the community and database. For example, in my system, I have to worry only about less than 30% of the files because the rest are already “checked and declared” safe via the Norton Insight. And that translates to faster scan speed for files.


Next, I suggest you setup Identity Safe. It is my current favorite. Once done, I will only have to remember one password. The rest is done by the software. Every time I key in a username and password on any site, it will remember (This is provided the “vault” is open). And the key to the vault is the Norton account ID/Password and the single “Vault” password.

I find that really convenient and effective. You never know how many passwords you have until you check the vault.


BTW, the Norton Identity Safe can be installed as a separate product. It is free. Anyone can install it.

Click here to get it

There are more things to explore. What I did was just an introduction. Now, lets get to the Mobile Security part.

Norton Mobile Security

You can actually go to individual Playstore or app store to get the Norton Mobile Security App. Or you can make use of the Norton Menu to get it if you are on Android. (Note: for iPhone, iPad, Norton Mobile Security is only for backing up contacts and to locate the phone remotely)

On the menu, you can see the word “Mobile” on the right hand side. Click on it will reveal a QR Code. This QR Code will lead you to the Google Playstore to install the app.


To make it simple for everyone to understand the limitation and differences on Norton 360 Multi-Device, check out the chart.


Click Here to Get Norton 360 Multi-Device

To end my review, here are the features of the Norton 360 Multi-Device


  • Cloud-based Norton™ Management lets you take charge of your devices’ security from anywhere
    • Delivers advanced protection for your PC, Mac®, smartphone, and tablet in one powerful, combined solution that covers them all.
    • Lets you set up, add or remove devices, download updates, move protection from one device to another and adjust your protection to meet your changing needs, anywhere, right over the Internet.
    • Offers security for up to five devices and lets you choose which combination of PCs, Macs® or Android™ devices you want to protect.
  • Protects your PC
    • Detects and removes viruses, spyware and other threats before they can cause problems for you or the people you share stuff with.
    • Helps keep your music, videos, photos and other important files safe from loss with automatic, secure local or online backup.
    • Protects your identity two ways: 1) by warning you of phishing websites that could steal your personal information, and 2) by remembering, securing and automatically entering your website logins.
    • Identifies safe websites, proactively blocks unsafe sites and stops online threats before your browser even loads* so you can enjoy your favorite online activities without worry.
    • Keeps your computer running its best with regular PC tuneups.
  • Detects and eliminates threats to your Mac
    • Keeps your iPhoto® pictures, iTunes® media, iMovie® projects and other important stuff safe by detecting and eliminating viruses, spyware and other online threats.
    • Identifies and blocks unsafe websites, including phishing sites that could steal your identity.
    • Scans and removes threats from email and iChat® attachments so you can share files without worrying about getting infected.
  • Defends your Android™ smartphone and tablet
    • Lets you remotely lock, track and locate your smartphone or tablet, so you can protect your contacts, emails, photos and other important files, and even get your device back if it’s ever lost or stolen.
    • Detects and removes mobile threats to prevent cybercriminals from eavesdropping, stealing your stuff, sending spam texts, and taking control of your mobile device.
    • Blocks dangerous websites, including phishing sites designed to trick you into revealing personal information that can be used to steal your identity and money.


  • Comprehensive everywhere protection – protects your PC, Mac® and Android™ smartphone and tablet from online threats.
  • Norton Protection System – provides multiple layers of powerful protection that proactively stop online threats before they can infect your devices.
  • Antivirus Protection – protects your important stuff from viruses, spyware and other threats with minimal impact to performance.
  • Norton Safe Web– warns you of potentially harmful websites and proactively blocks unsafe sites right in your search results.
  • Automatic PC Backup – safely backs up your photos, music, financial documents and other important stuff to a disc, USB device or online to one of our secure data centers.
  • Secured online storage for your PC – includes 25 GB of online storage, enough to store thousands of photos or songs.
  • PC tuneup – fine-tunes key system settings, frees up memory and removes unnecessary clutter from your computer’s hard drive to help keep your PC running fast.
  • Norton Management – cloud-based management lets you download, install, transfer, update or renew your Norton products from anywhere, right over the Internet.
  • Smart two-way firewall – prevents cybercriminals from hacking into your PC or Mac and stealing your personal information, without constantly asking you to make security decisions.
  • Antiphishing technology – blocks dangerous websites that cybercriminals use to steal your identity and your money.
  • Vulnerability protection – stops cybercriminals from sneaking threats onto your devices through security holes (vulnerabilities) in applications.
  • Remote locate – shows you the location of your smartphone or tablet via Web or SMS, so you can find it if it’s lost or stolen.
  • Remote lock – lets you remotely lock your lost or stolen smartphone or tablet via Web or SMS to prevent strangers from seeing your private stuff or running up your mobile bill.
  • Remote wipe – lets you remotely erase the stuff on your smartphone or tablet via SMS if it’s lost or stolen, including any data on your phone’s memory card.
  • Web-based Lost Notice – displays a customizable message to anyone who finds your missing smartphone or tablet, so you can make arrangements to get it back.
  • Web-based Sneak Peek – snaps photos of anyone in front of your smartphone or tablet, then saves the images. (Webcam devices only.)
  • Call and text blocker – lets you block calls and text messages from specific people or phone numbers.
  • “Scream” alarm locator – lets you send a text to your missing smartphone that sets off a “scream,” so you can find it fast.
  • FREE 24×7 Support – offers you expert help and answers by phone, live chat or online forums whenever you need them.**
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Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Chrome browsers only. Supports Google, Bing, Yahoo!, and Ask search engines.
** Need Help? Symantec provides free 24×7 phone, chat and online forums support for a period of one year. Continuing support is available with an active service period subscription. Renewing your service period subscription and updating to the latest product version may be required to access support. NortonLive™ Services sold separately. For full details and to access support, go to


Overall, I like Norton 360 Multi-Device for its flexibility in protecting the devices. I also like the PC Tune feature. However, I hope that Norton can continue to shrink the size of the toolbar. It is already small but I hope it can be smaller.


I am organizing a Giveaway (1 copy of Norton 360 Multi-Device) within this one or two weeks. Do check out for it. If you are worried you might miss it, please subscribe to my newsletter. I promise I will not spam you.