Nokia Lumia 920 vs Samsung GALAXY Camera (Video)

Nokia touted Lumia 920 as the best camera phone around and Samsung promoted GALAXY camera as the “reborned” camera with Phone OS (Android Jelly Bean minus the calling function). Pocketnow has done a great job comparing the Nokia Lumia 920 camera with Samsung GALAXY Camera.


Actually, currently, I am in a dilemma because I like Nokia Lumia 920 (for its camera) and I like GALAXY camera for its 21x zoom plus the Android Jelly Bean OS. Now the comparison can at least give me a feel about the overall camera features of both. Watch the video.

Evidently, you can see both camera perform quite ok in the video. However, GALAXY Camera excels itself with its 21x optical zoom (my opinion) and also the fact that it has a rich Android apps support in it.

As for Nokia, the camera excels when in low light condition and when you move the camera while filming (OIS – Optical Image Stabilizer). BTW, have you check out the Music Video filmed with Nokia Lumia 920?