Convert film to digital with Lomography Smartphone Film Scanner (video)

For those who have had taken photographs with film or lomographers, there is now a portable and cheap solution to “convert” the 35mm film to digital for safe keeping. All you need is a Smartphone and the Lomography Smartphone Film Scanner.


This is Film Scanner is a Kickstarter project by Lomography. They have reached their goals weeks ago. However, they have also made their extended goals to sweeten the pot for supporters (I am one of them). Check out their Kickstarter video.

I feel that this is a great way to “store” your film as it uses just an app, a Smartphone and the device itself. With only 6 days to go, I hope they can achieve their extended extended goal of US$250,000. If they reach the goal, the supporters will get: –

$150,000 (Already Reached!) -As we have hit this major goal of $150,000, we want to offer every person that pledges an additional gift of one free Lomography Patterns Edition Leporello – perfect for all those times you want to share your photos the analog way! The free Leporello design will be picked randomly.

$250,000 – Our free Lomoscanner App is currently in development for both iPhone and Android – in combination with the Scanner you’ll be able to not only easily scan all those normal 35mm photos but scan panoramas, scan and animate LomoKino movies and share them all with a click of a button. If you hit this stretch goal, we will incorporate additional features based on your input!

Many will be interested in how it works. Check out this video.

They have also bundled it with many other Lomography cameras. Go check them out as the dateline is drawing near.

Click here to check out Lomography Smartphone Film Scanner