PORSCHE DESIGN HUAWEI Mate20 RS First Look (Video)

Huawei has just unveiled the PORSCHE DESIGN HUAWEI Mate20 RS. Inspired by speed, the Mate20 RS is designed with a center stripe. It has the finest craftsmanship on a phone.

BTW, the RS in the Mate20 RS stands for “Race for the Soul”. Get it? On first look, the front of the Mate20 RS resembles the HUAWEI Mate20 Pro.

It has the same almost bezel-less look with curved screen at the edges.

When you turn over the phone, you will realize that the details are at the back. The texture is not a cover. According to PORSCHE and Huawei, the texture is genuine leather. It is carefully applied onto the glass surface so that they are seamless.

Here is a close up of the leather.

The PORSCHE DESIGN HUAWEI Mate20 RS has the same camera configuration as the Mate20 Pro.

  • RGB Camera: 40MP Wide Angle Lens @ ƒ1.8 Ultra Wide Angle
  • Camera: 20MP Ultra Wide Angle Lens @ ƒ2.2
  • Telephoto Camera: 8MP Telephoto Lens @ ƒ2.4

The top and bottom are also similar to Mate20 Pro.

On the side, it has the power on/off button and the volume rocker switch.

Here is a close up of the edge. Notice the curve screen and the way the leather is applied to the edges. It is very well-made.

On this side, it is clean.

As with any PORSCHE DESIGN HUAWEI Mate series, it has the unique identification card that comes along with the phone.

Here is a quick look at what is inside the box. You can see two chargers (3-pin and 2-pin type), USB-C cables, earphones, and a very nice casing.

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Here are some comparison with the PORSCHE DESIGN HUAWEI Mate20 RS (Left) and the Mate RS (right).

Here is the front.

And here is a comparison of the three phones: the HUAWEI Mate20 Pro (Left), PORSCHE DESIGN HUAWEI Mate20 RS (Center) and the PORSCHE DESIGN HUAWEI Mate RS (Right).

At the time of posting, I do not have the actual specifications or price information. What I know is that it has almost the same specs as the Mate20 Pro. Storage capacity might be larger.

And only for the China market, it has the red version.

The PORSCHE DESIGN HUAWEI Mate20 RS might be available in Singapore from late November. Here is a short video of the phone.