Griffin introduces multiple devices charging PowerDock 5 and ChargeSensor Adapters

Griffin introduces new gadgets that I believe will be a welcome sight in most home nowadays. The main attraction is the PowerDock 5. It has 5 docking station to charge up to 5 iPads. The other 2 are PowerBlock Universal and PowerJolt Universal.


BTW, you can charge other products like iPhone, iPod on the PowerDock 5 too. From the Press Release (from Engadget), the PowerDock 5 will be available in Spring 2013 at USD99.99.

Griffin also introduces 2 more gadgets. They are the PowerBlock Universal (USD29.99) and PowerJolt Universal (USD24.99). One is for standard voltage (from 110v to 230v) usage and the other one is for car usage (12v). Both gadgets come with ChargeSensor technology that can sense the requirements of any device plugged into it, providing optimal charging for all USB-chargeable devices.

Here is the Press Release

Not sure when these products will reach Singapore market.