Nokia Transport and City Lens App for Windows Phone (Video)

The Nokia Blog has spotted 2 apps on Nokia Lumia 900. They are the Nokia Transport and Nokia City Lens. Not sure if they are exclusive to Nokia Windows Phone, they do look awesome. Check out the videos.

Nokia Transport

For Nokia Transport, it is linked to the public transport system. Based on the information, it is linked to over 400 cities and in 50 different languages. There was a mention (in the video) that it will be available for other Windows Phone users. Not sure if it will materialize.

Anyway, the app is able to estimate the transport timing and also take into account the walking distance. This is something new and not usually seen on transport app.

Here is the video

What is awesome is that the Live Tiles can show the Transport timing.

Nokia City Lens

For Nokia City Lens, it is similar to some apps that I had seen. It use AR (Augmented Reality) to let you get around the nearby places and to know the POI (Point of Interest).

Using the sensors on the phone, it will switch to Map mode when placed horizontally. And it seems to be linked to Nokia Maps (not Nokia Drive) as seen in the video.

Watch the video here.

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