Google launches Google Maps app on iOS devices (Video)

Finally, Google releases Google Maps on iOS. Since the withdrawal of Google Maps from Apple iOS 6 (by Apple), there are so many negative feedback on Apple Maps. Everyone is asking about the return of Google Maps. The day has come.

I know you need no introduction to Google Maps.

Click Here to Download Google Maps for iOS

If you are searching on iOS device, I suggest you search for “Google, inc” if you cannot find the app immediately.

Google has also made a fun video on the Google Maps app arrival on Apple devices.

BTW, the maps is in vector format (I like). You can rotate and pan the maps. And there is also Street View. A little tricky to see it if you use it for the first time.

  • First, you will need to select a location.
  • Then when the address shows up, you can slide up the address to reveal more information.
  • If the place has Street View, you can see a picture with Street View.
  • Click on it to use Street View

If you need more information, check out Google blog post.

Click Here to Read More about Google Maps

For your information, this Google Maps is for iPod Touch and iPhone only. It is not optimized for iPad (yet). And it is available on 40 countries as of this writing.

Update: Here is the Press Release from Google Singapore