UOB Mobile App Event at Velvet Underground (Video)

Recently, if you notice on Apple App Store, there are already quite a few banks that have their own apps. Before you dismiss this UOB Mobile App as one of them, maybe you want to read on. It is the first bank in Singapore to allow cardless cash withdrawal.

When I heard this, I was thinking this should be the slickest features many people might be asking for. I have recorded the full video of how it can be done.

Mr. Michael Ong from UOB gave us a run through on the app. We have the usual stuff which I will quickly go through. There are 3 features that I think will make this app outstanding than the rest. First, it has Augmented Reality (AR) to locate UOB Branches/ATMs/Promotions. Next, it has the latest Gold and Silver prices, and prices of Unit Trusts. Finally, and the most innovative one, the ability to withdraw cash without a card and just the app.

Pay bills and Fund Transfer

Locate bank branches and ATM

Within this feature, you can activate AR to search for the nearby locations. You have the choice to fine adjust the radius for better accuracy.

Augmented Reality

Latest Gold and Silver Prices, Prices of Unit Trusts

Cardless Cash Withdrawal

If you are worried about security, here is a list of security features for your reference.

How to get CASH without the card

  • First, the person must be registered to the sender account before the sender can send mobile cash.
  • Sender access the app and key in the amount he/she wish to send and select the recipient’s name in his/her list.
  • Sender key in the withdrawal password (this password is NEVER send out to recipient. Sender will need to inform them).
  • Submit the request.
  • The recipient will receive an SMS with a transaction reference number.
  • The recipient can go to any UOB ATM and press the ENTER key.
  • A mobile cash screen will show. Follow the instruction to key in the reference number and the password that the sender gave it to the person.
  • Once done, the recipient will receive an SMS to key in OTP (One Time Password).
  • That is it! The machine will dispense the cash and a very detailed receipt.
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Difficult to understand? Watch this video. BTW, the demo in the video is done with iPad 2. From UOB, a iPad version will be available later.

The video.

This app should be available from 12th December. You should give it a try. Without an account, you can actually access many of the features (promotions, UOB locations, AR).

Thanks UOB for inviting us to the event. And yes, UOB staffs will be getting new uniform soon! 🙂