Bing Translator App Real Time Translation Demo (Video)

I know there are many apps out there they are capable of translating languages. However, in my opinion, the Bing Translator on Windows Phone 8 is one of the most interesting ones.

This post is not about the quality of the translation. I think Bing is not “there” yet as compared to others. This post is about the functionality of the app.

One of the features of this Bing Translator app is that it is able to translate the sentences by just pointing the camera at it. Another much needed feature is that the language can be downloaded so that you will not spend time (and data) to download them. It will make the translation faster. Although at this moment, there are limited languages for download, it is already a good start.

I will not talk about other features like keyboard input, voice input. I will spend my time to show you the real-time translation.

To use the real-time translation, activate the Bing Translator app. Click on the “Camera” option and once the camera is activated, point to any words or sentences that you would like to translate and it will perform the magic. You can change the language anytime. Here is a video to show you a demo of the app.

If you look at the video, you will notice that I have to get the app to refocus many times so that the words or sentences are in focus. This is actually very frustrating. I hope they can fix it in the next release. Here are some results of the translation.

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Although the translation is not 100% accurate, it still helps to make sense to a foreign language. Here is another one. Notice that if the sentence is wrap around, it will detect it as two separate sentences and thus, sometimes, make the sentences sound funny.

If you have a Windows Phone 8, I urge you to try out this Bing Translator app. BTW, for those techie who wish to know, here is the version of this app.