Windows 8 and Intel “Clover Trail” Equals Full Featured Light Weight Tablets

My title almost sums up what to expect for future Microsoft Windows 8 based tablets or tablet convertibles. I believe the new Atom processor Z2760 (formerly codenamed “Clover Trail”) has what it takes to make the best tablet experiences on a Windows device.

Currently, problem with Windows tablet is poor battery life, (even when on standby mode), and that the size isn’t the most appealing when compared with ompetitors like Apple iPad or current Android tablets.

However, come 26th October, when Microsoft officially launches the Windows 8, I am sure the world will see the tablet experiences differently (think Microsoft Surface).

Based on the Press Release,

The Intel Atom Processor Z2760 allows for the thinnest, lightest tablets built on Intel® architecture — as thin as 8.5mm and as light as 1.5 pounds – making carrying and storing a powerful tablet less cumbersome and more convenient.

As more and more people take their devices on-the-go, such considerations as battery life and size have become increasingly important, and devices using the Intel Atom Z2760 offer a full-featured tablet computing experience that doesn’t compromise its performance over battery life. The dual-core, four-thread SoC provides exceptionally long battery life with more than 3 weeks of connect standby and more than 10 hours of local HD video playback.

That means a device that is as light as the latest tablets around but with the computing power of a standard computer/laptop. Plus, you will be able to run existing Windows program on it.

Currently, many familiar partners have been announced for such full featured Intel-Based tablets: Acer, ASUS, Dell, Fujitsu, HP, Lenovo, LG Electronics, Samsung and ZT. I am expecting more after the Windows 8 launch.

Here is the Press Release.