Apple Changes iOS Maps Description to Better Reflect Current Situation

Since the debut of iOS 6, the Apple maps has been the center of attraction for the wrong thing. Many people are complaining the inaccuracies of the maps. Apple CEO has apologize for the lapse and now the Apple has changed some sentences on the Maps page to better reflect the current state.

It no longer mentions that the map app is the “most beautiful, powerful mapping service ever”. Instead, it mentions only “All in a beautiful vector-based interface that scales and zooms with ease”.

I think this is a nice touch from Apple. Knowing the public and the limitation of its Maps App at this moment, this is a wise choice. Some may feel that Apple Maps is still superior to other maps.

I guess this will depends on where the person stay. The previous Google Maps on iOS 5 and below is very basic maps and not even vector-based. It does not have turn by turn navigation. So, it is natural that people (especially users who has been using the iPhone for a long time) feel that Apple Maps is superior.

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