Apple Introduces iPhone 5 TV Ads (Video)

No, Apple did not do what this company did. Apple ads are always short and to the point to describe one of the new features in their products. This is also the case. There are a total of 4 videos. Watch it now.

Here is one on the screen size. I agree with the ad if I have not use other smartphone before. Now, it is hard to convince me that I will not try other phone because the width is a concern.

The second one is about the design of the phone. I agree. Apple has done a super good job to show that it can reduce mm in thickness although the screen is much bigger now. And the quality of iPhone 5 is super good. Don’t believe? Check this out.

The next one is the Panorama feature. I think Apple hit the soft spot in marketing this feature. It shows children in costumes and capturing them using the Panorama mode. The Panorama feature has been on many phones for a long time. It is always shown as a tool in capturing scenery. Apple uses it to capture children. Nice!

The last one is not the iPhone 5 itself. It is the earpiece which Apple called it the EarPods. It took 3 years and  many ears to design it.