Nokia Lumia 920 Sensitive Screen and Low Light Camera Test (Video)

When company boasted “advanced” feature like Panorama, I think Nokia is underplaying some of its features on Nokia Lumia 920. Check out these few videos of Nokia Lumia 920 against one of its competitors.

For example, in this test, the Lumia 920 was pitted against Samsung GALAXY S III. A cloth and a key was used  to navigate on both devices and Nokia Lumia 920 managed to emerge the winner. As most may know, there is no way to use a capacitive touch screen with a cloth or a key. However, as Nokia Lumia 920 has a super sensitive screen (thanks to Synaptics), users are able to do so now. Check out the video.

The next test is the low light capability of Nokia Lumia 920. With its stabilizer and low light quality of the lens (F/2.0 PureView), it is able to capture the image beautifully as compared to the competitor.

The last video is a bonus video. It shows that Lumia 920 stabilizer on the lens is able to hold up well on a bumpy ride on a remote control car as compared to its competitor.

Nokia should spend more time to talk about them. Anyway, there are rumors that the availability date for Nokia Lumia 920 and Lumia 820 is in November.