Sneak Peep of What HTC will be Unveiling on 19th September

As the clock ticks towards 19th September 2012, HTC decided to let the world have a quick peep at what to expect during their event. It might be a tablet, an Android phone or even the Windows Phone 8.

HTC has tweeted and shared on their Facebook page with this picture (see above) with this tag line “When beautiful hardware meets stunning software.”

Software could mean Google Android Jelly Bean OS. Based on the “noise” in the Tech World, it might be an Android with 5-inch screen or Android tablets (successor of HTC Flyer?) and lastly and remotely, maybe a Windows Phone 8 device.

Not sure what it could be, I will be waiting for the official announcement. The event is on 19th September 11am in New York (1am Singapore time on the 20th September).

Let me know if you know what these device(s) is (or are), ok?


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