Samsung Question on Facebook Backfired, Promoting iPhone 5

Samsung posted a picture of Samsung GALAXY S III with the description “If you could only take one electronic device on to a deserted island, what would it be?”. I guess due to the recent incident, the response for this post becomes super overwhelming in the wrong way.

I think Apple fans took this opportunity to “attack” this posting with a simple answer “iPhone 5” or “iPhone”. As of now, there are over 14,000 comments and based on the picture above (RED is iPhone, GREEN is Samsung GALAXY S III), you should know that the answer is NOT what Samsung wanted.

For those who did not know, Samsung published an advertisement in US papers targeting iPhone 5 by comparing the specs of iPhone 5 with Samsung GALAXY S III. It created a lot of unhappiness from the Apple fans.

Because of this, it might have caused a lot of people (Apple fans, Samsung haters?) to jump to the opportunity to post some other devices other than the Samsung devices. It has created over 1,600 shares and over 45,000 likes.

In another angle, I think Samsung need not be too worried as most people will know that people are making fun of it and actually, it causes more people to talk about Samsung at the same time.

Check out the Facebook post


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