SingTel Introduces AMPed 2.0, offers Music of Local Artistes to Reach Mobile Devices

SingTel in collaboration with Singapore Music Society offers the music of local artistes to stream and download to mobile devices. With SingTel AMPed 2.0 services, customers can choose the plan that suits their needs. Press Release after the break.

Press Release

Singapore indie musicians reach a mass audience through SingTel AMPed 2.0 music service

Local music available for mobile streaming and downloads for the first time

 Singapore 24 May 2012 – Singapore Telecommunications Ltd (SingTel) today announced its collaboration with the Singapore Music Society to offer the music of local independent artistes for streaming and downloads to mobile devices for the first time through the SingTel AMPed 2.0 music service.

By the end of the year, the majority of Singapore artistes is expected to be available through AMPed 2.0.  This includes popular indie acts such as SIXX, Shigga Shay, The Great Spy Experiment, Jack and Rai and Lunarin. The service will also offer music from local independent labels and production houses, including S2S (Tay Kewei, Hanjin Tan, Bevlyn Khoo), Funkie Monkies (Ming Bridges, Wu Jiahui, Serene Koong) and Ocean Butterflies (By2, Ah Du).

Cheong Hai Thoo, SingTel’s Director of Content and Media, said: “With limited resources, many home grown artistes struggle to gain exposure for their music.  AMPed 2.0 provides local musicians with a powerful digital platform that allows them to reach mainstream audiences like never before. As Singapore’s number one digital music service, AMPed 2.0 offers a ready audience of more than 600,000 users.”

Mr Cheong said that the initiative seeks to promote greater awareness of Singapore artistes at home and abroad, and raise the profile of the local music industry, which has long been overlooked by international music services.

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“AMPed 2.0 will be Singapore’s very own digital music service that caters specifically to the tastes of Singaporeans.  We hope to uncover hidden gems and provide local fledgling artistes with some monetary returns for their music,” he said.

Shigga Shay, local rapper, songwriter and producer, said: “Today, the most effective way to deliver music to the masses is through digital downloads and streaming.  AMPed 2.0 makes it easier for music lovers to discover my work.  It may even help me to score a deal with a major label one day.”

Willy Tan, a representative of the executive committee of the Singapore Music Society, said: “It’s amazing that Singapore’s largest telco has rallied behind and placed its weight behind the fledging music industry. This gives Singapore independent musicians credibility and opens up a potential revenue source. Our artistes are very keen on this as a source of outreach to a wider audience and potential pool of new fans!”

The new enhanced AMPed 2.0

SingTel has enhanced the AMPed 2.0 service with streaming and advanced features to deliver a superior music experience.  The features are summarised below:

  • Extensive song catalogue: AMPed 2.0 offers unlimited downloads and streaming of more than 3 million songs from different genres and eras, including international chart-toppers.  Users will be the first to enjoy the latest releases.


  • Smooth streaming: Users can stream songs to Apple and Android smartphones and tablets without incurring data charges.  Streaming allows users to listen to songs instantly without waiting for music files to download.  It does not consume storage space in the mobile device.
  • Create communities: Users can find like-minded music lovers and create their own communities.  They can create and share playlists and post comments.  Song samples can be shared via social networks, email and SMS.
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  • Intelligent playlist capabilities: AMPed 2.0 allows users to create their own playlists, share them with their friends and listen to public playlists.  A new Smart Mix feature intelligently creates a playlist based on users’ preferences.
  • Money-can’t-buy experiences: AMPed 2.0 users have the chance to get up close and personal with their favourite stars through exclusive performances.

AMPed 2.0 is available in two plans:

(i)            AMPed 2.0 Lite at $5.90 per month or

(ii)           AMPed 2.0 Premium at $9.90 or $7.90 per month with a 12-month contract

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