Lianhe Wanbao and Launched Vice Ring Probe App

When I read about this news from the Straits Times, I almost could not believe my eyes. How can a National Chinese newspaper team up with to come up with an app that focus on just one piece of news that had affected 48 people and counting.

Lianhe Wanbao and has jointly created an app that focus on the recent online Vice Ring that was busted by the police. 48 guys were hauled to court and humiliated on national newspaper. Now, their ordeal will continue on this Vice Ring Probe app. Straits Times reported that it is a magazine style app that will will collate all Lianhe Wanbao news reports from April 16 to May 22 on the online vice ring bust involving the 48 male suspects and an underage prostitute.

I copied this sentence from Straits Times.

The editor of and Lianhe Wanbao, Mr Chua Chim Kang, said: ‘This is a natural, innovative product extension of Lianhe Wanbao and If you prefer to read the particular news topic in a complete format, this app is tailored for you.’

I wonder whose brilliant idea that comes up with this app. And they are innovative to create video interviews with female bloggers in English about social escorts and prostitution. Currently, the app is available on Android and will be available soon on iOS.

They are having a “promotion” right now. The app is S$1.24 at the moment. The usual price is S$2.49 and NO, I will not post the link here.

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