Infographic: How ‘Gangnam Style’ Video Took Over the World in 2012

Check out this Infographic, courtesy from Viki, the global TV site powered by fans. It shows how the video spreads across the world in such a short span of time. It also includes the number 1 country where PSY’s Gangnam Style is watched (Clue: it is not Korea). Hopefully, the song can reach 1 billion viewers by end of this year 2012.

Some information of the Infographic.

Data for the infographic was taken from Viki’s analytics dashboard, which provides content owners insight into how their videos are consumed, in which countries and in what languages. The Gangnam Style infographic is the first in a series Viki plans to release over the next year.

The infographic ranks the top 20 countries where the video has been most viewed and includes a month-by-month look at how viewership spread from S. Korea to North America, Asia, Central America, Europe, The Middle East, Oceania and The Caribbean. To date, the video has been translated into 24 languages, helping it travel across geographic and language boundaries.

With over 12 million viewers each month, over 1 billion videos viewed and nearly 250 million words translated, Viki uniquely brings global prime-time entertainment to new audiences. For advertisers, Viki’s premium video inventory enables top brands to reach highly coveted young Internet users.