RIM’s BlackBerry Wake Up Be Bold Campaign is NOT Interesting

OK, it is not just because everyone is saying that this BlackBerry campaign is boring and I have to say it too. The obvious reason is that it IS boring to hear a voice and see some scrolling sentences telling people what business means.

The more the voice talks about Business, the more I think “Isn’t that what RIM has been focusing/doing?” I think these sentences are really a great wake up call for themselves. I certainly hope that with the BlackBerry 10 OS, things will be better for them.

I think the BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha phone has potential but I am sad on their marketing part. From BGR, there was a staged protest recently with the placard reading “Wake Up.” Now, with this BlackBerry website “WakeUpBeBold“, you should know who is responsible for it.

I certainly don’t feel a thing with that kind of marketing as there is really nothing to show from RIM at this moment. Instead, I do enjoy Samsung’s way of marketing their GALAXY SII or GALAXY Note. It is more interesting and people really get the message immediately.

Click Here to RIM’s WakeUpBeBold website