Want to Cheer for LionsXII, There is an App for It

For the fans of LionsXII, this is one app that you should download immediately. LionsXII Live is the first smartphone app in Singapore to capitalize on the social television experience, which enables viewers to interact with television content.

(screenshots courtesy from StarHub)

If you are a StarHub customer with the subscription, you can watch the LIVE Streaming of the matches. If you are not, you can still support the team by cheering (digitally) for them.

You can choose from 6 cheers: ‘Roar Lions Roar’, ‘Lion’s Wave’, ‘Lion’s Stomp’, ‘Lion’s Beat’, ‘Ole! Ole! Ole!’ and ‘We Want Goal’

Fans can vote for a cheer by tapping on the designated Cheer icon. Each vote helps to fill up a meter beside each Cheer icon. When enough users have voted for a particular Cheer, the Cheer meter will be filled and its Cheer graphic will appear on-screen in real time during the ‘live’ LionsXII match telecast.

Currently, the app is only available for iOS. The Android app is in the making and will be available end-May.

Click Here to Get LionsXII Live on Apple App Store



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