Meizu Hand-Delivered Meizu MX Phones to Fans (Video)

Recently, during the 13th and 17th of April, a group of people (They called themselves Dream Carriers) from Meizu traveled around China to hand-deliver the MX phones to fans.

This was part of a campaign that Meizu organized. All it takes to win one of the 48 phones is to follow Meizu’s Weibo. In a short time, the account reaches 400,000 followers.

The winners did not know that the phone will be delivered personally to them. I think you can see that from the expression of their face in the video.

Meizu might be releasing the MX Quad Core next month. It might have the same Samsung Exynos processor as the Samsung GALAXY S III).

It has come a long way for Meizu. Many years ago, people are calling Meizu an iPhone copycat. Now it has become one of the recognizable brand in China which many fans adore. Meizu is slowly and surely gaining fans around the world too. Watch the video.


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