Bubbly Connects You with Your Favorite Celebrities with Audio

Have you heard of Bubbly? It has been around for 2 years but it is only recently that it was introduced to iPhone and Android globally. Some may say that Bubbly is Twitter with Voice. After playing the app for a while, I think the biggest draw is the Premium Celebrities that you can actually hear their voices and get “connected” with them.

Basically, Bubbly is used for texting and sending audio message. It is not something new. If you use WhatsApp (or many other apps), it can already perform such function.

What sets it apart is there is a Premium Celebrities channel where you can hear the audio recording of the celebrities. I can see popular celebrities from India, Japan and Philippines using this app. Amitabh Bachchan, Priyanka Chopra, AKB48 and etc are already using this app. Currently, if you want unlimited access to all celebrities, you can unlock with an in-app purchase.

BTW, from my understanding, over 14 million people across Asia are using Bubbly. I think this app will soar if we can get Hollywood stars like Lady Gaga to use it. Currently, not many people in Singapore are using it. Do give it a try.

Click Here to Download Bubbly for Android


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