iPhone 6 launch date fix at 19th September 2014, no more 16GB version?

Rumors, rumors and more rumors. This time, it is the launch date of the next iPhone (which no one now can confirm if it will be called iPhone 6). A Chinese website has mentioned that it “heard” from its reliable source (Weibo) that the date is already fixed on 19th September 2014.


The day coincides with the usual practice of Apple launching products on Friday. And the rumor also mentioned that the pricing will be 5,288 RMB (S$1,063) for 32GB and 6,288RMB (S$1,264) for the 64GB. There will be no 16GB version.

The biggest question right now will be, “Will it be a 4.7-inch only or will it be both the 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch?”. I hope to see some new innovation or at least some changes in the design. If not, it seems that Apple design is on a standstill since years ago (only screen size increases).

Some might say that if it ain’t broken, don’t change it. My opinion is this: Yes, you can don’t change it but please don’t call it an innovation when others had it for years, ok?

Here is the link to the Chinese website

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