IT Show 2012 Pricelist

It is Friday, for those venturing down to IT Show 2012 today or this weekend, it is better that you plan properly before heading down. Here are a list of sites that you can check the pricing or brochures. Do take a look first.

Click here to check out IT Show 2012 info at TechieLobang


Click here to check out the IT Show Pricelist and Brochures at Bootstrike


Click here to Justin Lee Website


Click here to Living in Singapore Today Website

or check out the hard copies.

Check Out Supplement from Straits Times on 8th March 2012

Check Out Digital Life from Straits Times on 7th March 2012

Of course, you can check at your favorite forums for the latest update. Do let me know any websites that has good information on IT Show pricing.


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