Audials for Android is a Radio Player and Allows Wireless Music Syncing

If you need a radio player to play various radio stations, you might want to check out Audials for Android. There are already so many radio player in the market. However Audials has a feature that I think many will like. It allows Wireless Music Syncing to your PC via Audials Anywhere.

You can listen to the music from your PC using your Android device and even copy it wirelessly. You can even share with friends and family. What you need to do is to is to download and install Audials Anywhere.

Click Here to Download Audials Anywhere

I have not tried this function before. So I shall not try to be an expert to explain to you. From my understanding, you can send invites to your friends to share the music. However, they must install the software first.

So, go and check out Audials on Android.

Click Here to Audials App for Android


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