iPhone Bug Can Causes Stranger to Know Your Life

A possible iPhone bug causes stranger to view the life of an Apple employee. This Apple employee, Wiz, fixed an iPhone that happens to belong to someone who knows Gizmodo. After getting the iPhone fixed, it kept getting messages from strangers.

I guess (based on the writing) that Wiz uses his SIM card to test the iPhone. However, maybe due to bug, the iMessage information is latched to the iPhone. So, even when the SIM card is removed, the iMessages kept going to the iPhone that does not belong to Wiz.

That means that this guy Wiz, who is texting via iMessages is also transmitting the same messages to the other iPhone that he had fixed and all replies are sent to both iPhones. Follow the link to see some more pictures and juicy messages from Wiz.

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Hopefully, this bug can be fixed soon.


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