Rumored iPad 2 Surfaced with More Details

If you think you have not had enough information on the rumored iPad 2, here is one from Japan. Apparently, they took the trouble to render the speaker of the future iPad 2. More details after the break.

Based on the information, the iPad 2 will have the same 9.7-inch screen. However, the bezel will be reduced by 3mm. Plus, based on the previous leak, the back should have a camera a and a hole that might indicate a speaker. And the iPad 2 will have a flat surface.

According to Engadget, it is mentioned to be a “wide-range speaker” covered in wire mesh. The rumor site even indicate the dimension of the iPad2.

The height of the new iPad will be 239mm and the width will be 186mm.

Here is a rendered picture of the rumored iPad 2 with cover.

Anyway, I don’t find the new rumor interesting or real. What do you think?


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