Singapore Telcos to Offer iPhone WITHOUT Camera?

Is Singapore Telcos (M1, Starhub, SingTel) going to sell iPhone without camera? This question has made some buzz on the Internet because M1 has actually put up a page with iPhone 4s without camera.

Of course, you are not going to find it now. For Singaporeans (those who are still servicing the National Service), this may not be a surprise for you.

There have been talks for so many years on the effective ways to prevent unauthorized picture taking inside army camps. During my time, there were talks about special stickers for the camera but that was never realized.

Recently, there are people who took out the cameras from phones via 3rd party vendor. This does not mean that it is ok to go to Army camps with them as they are recognized by their model number and not the physical phone without the camera.

It is frustrating to go to camp and you have to leave your smartphone at home and replace with simple non camera phone. Now, it seems that there are hopes (at least for those Regulars. They have been using outdated phone for the longest time).

On last Thursday, it seems that M1 has put up an advertisement on a non camera iPhone 4s. It was taken out at the end of the day.

It has everything on this 32GB iPhone 4s except a highlight stating “Camera Removal Service”. Of course, the headline is the one that caught many peoples’ attention, “iPhone 4s Non Camera (32GB) (with iPhone plans)”.

So, will it be available soone? My thinking is that it will. What do you think?

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