Microsoft Introduces “Cut The Rope” in HTML5, Best on IE (Video)

If you have played “Cut the Rope”, you will know how addictive the game is. Today, Microsoft announces the HTML5-powered “Cut The Rope” that can be played (for free) on any modern web browser that supports HTML5. Of course, it is best view on Internet Explorer 9 and above. It has an initial 25 levels and more to come.

To play the game, go to the link below. The objective of the game is to feed Om Nom (the green monster) with candy. It gets tougher as you level up.

I tried to play it on IE9 on my Windows Phone 7.5 but it was super slow. One thing to note is that you need to change the option to “click to cut” instead of “drag to cut” if you are playing on Windows Phone. Try it.

Here is a video from the Developer on how the game comes about.

If you still need more information, check out the link below

Click Here to Learn More about “Cut The Rope” on HTML5