More Information on PRADA phone by LG 3.0 in Singapore

I had the chance the other day to meet up with people from LG. Here are some information about the pre-order of the phone. Plus, if you want to hear my initial feel about the phone, read on.

About the Pre-Order

  • It is on 1st week of January but NO exact date – I tried but still cannot get the date.
  • I know that all 3 Telcos (SingTel, Starhub, M1) will be carrying this phone.
  • During the Pre-Order period, a limited edition PRADA-branded phone accessory – Not sure what it will be. They are super “mum” over this limited edition item.
  • Singapore is one of the few countries in SEA (if not, the World) to have this phone.
  • NO information about the pricing – Very frustrating. I think this will be the talking point about this phone. With a branding like PRADA on a LG phone, what is the price range?
  • A Microsite is ready. You can check out more information there.

About the Phone

Some disclaimer before I start. I am trying out a prototype device, not the actual set. So, some information or details might change.

Here is a video of the phone.

First thought about PRADA phone by LG 3.0 is that the price will not be cheap. To many Techies, I am sure we are going to ask if this phone will be value for money. However, if you are a PRADA fan, you may already be getting ready for pre-order, as long as it says PRADA.

I think this picture of PRADA wording with the PRADA’s signature Saffiano pattern (This word is actually mentioned in the video) on the back really stands out.

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As a tech website, I guess we are into specs and accessories. First impression of the phone is that it looks like Optimus Black, very thin and from my understanding, this is the first PRADA phone by LG to use Android as OS.

Next thing that caught my eyes is the UI. Unlike other Android phones, this PRADA phone has its own customized UI (Minimalist look which I like). Also, I noticed that they have put in some PRADA wallpapers into the phone already.

For the actual specs of the phone, I have posted the other day. Not too bad for a fashion phone. OK, I know some may disagree that this PRADA phone is purely a fashion phone with those specs. I am just a little skeptical about it.

Right now, I am super interested to know the price for this phone with this specs with the PRADA brand. And I am super interested in the “limited edition” gift that those who pre-order can get.

Anyone want to give a guess how much this phone will be? I have no clue about it. My guess is it is definitely above S$1,000. As for limited edition gift, I really hope it will be unique.

Let me know how you feel about this phone, especially how much you will pay for this phone. OK?