These are Singaporeans’ Most Watched Videos on YouTube

Do you want to know what Singaporeans are watching on YouTube, and which are the most watched videos of 2o11? I got one correct. That is Yam Ah Mee Election Mix. More after the break.

What Singaporeans were watching on YouTube in 2011: LMFAO, Nice Guys and the Yam Ah Mee Election Mix

  • LMFAO’s “Party Rock Anthem”  was the most-watched music video in Singapore
  • Ryan Higa’s “Nice Guys” was the most-watched YouTube community video
  • A remix of Singaporean Yam Ah Mee’s announcement of the Election results became an internet hit

In a year when YouTube reached 48 hours of content uploaded every minute, YouTube viewers in Singapore couldn’t get enough viral hits like the comedic tunings of “Nice Guys” (finish last), local YouTube hit Yam Ah Mee and global smashes from LMFAO, Jennifer Lopez and Bruno Mars.

The Most-Watched YouTube Community Videos of 2011 in Singapore

  1. NiceGuys
  2. DailyLifeofRustinHieber
  3. YamAhMeeElectionClubMix (GE 2011)
  4. Strangers, again
  5. plasticbottleheartbreakonvalentinesday (Original)
  6. AngryBirdsRioTrailer
  7. NyanCat [original]
  9. TheiNavigator
  10. GreatestMarriageProposalEVER!!!

The Most Watched Music Videos from Major Music Labels in Singapore

  1. LMFAOPartyRockAnthemft. LaurenBennett, GoonRock
  2. JenniferLopezOnTheFloorft. Pitbull
  3. BrunoMarsTheLazySong [OfficialVideo]
  4. JessieJPriceTagft. B.o.B.
  5. ChrisMedinaWhatAreWords
  6. NickiMinajSuperBass
  7. PitbullGiveMeEverythingft. NeYo, Afrojack, Nayer
  8. SuperJunior슈퍼주니어_Mr.Simple_MUSICVIDEO
  9. KatyPerryLastFridayNight (T.G.I.F.)
  10. AvrilLavigneWhatTheHell
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The Most-Watched YouTube Community Videos Globally

  1. RebeccaBlackFriday (OFFICIALVIDEO)
  2. UltimateDogTease
  3. JackSparrow (feat. MichaelBolton)
  4. TalkingTwinBabies – PART 2 – OFFICIALVIDEO
  5. NyanCat [original]
  6. LookAtMeNowChrisBrownft. LilWayne, BustaRhymes (Coverby @KarminMusic)
  7. TheCreep (feat. NickiMinaj & JohnWaters)
  8. MariaAragonBornThisWay (Cover) byLadyGaga
  9. TheForce: VolkswagenCommercial
  10. Catmomhugsbabykitten

The Most-Watched Music Videos on YouTube Globally

  1. JenniferLopezOnTheFloorft. Pitbull
  2. LMFAOPartyRockAnthemft. LaurenBennett, GoonRock
  3. BrunoMarsTheLazySong [OfficialVideo]
  4. NickiMinajSuperBass
  5. PitbullGiveMeEverythingft. NeYo, Afrojack, Nayer
  6. PitbullRainOverMeft. MarcAnthony
  7. JessieJPriceTagft. B.o.B.
  8. LMFAOSexyandIKnowIt
  9. KatyPerryE.T. ft. KanyeWest
  10. KatyPerryLastFridayNight (T.G.I.F.)

That is it!