Yahoo! Announced Revamped of Yahoo! Koprol with Enhanced Features

Yahoo! today announced a revamped of Yahoo! Koprol, Indonesia’s first location-based social networking site (LBS), with enhanced features developed for the PC.  More information after the break.

Yahoo! Koprol Revs Up With Brand New Features For The PC

The revamped PC interface provides a seamless experience across the desktop and mobile

 December 1, 2011 — Yahoo! Koprol, Indonesia’s first location-based social networking site (LBS) marked yet another milestone by rolling out its latest suite of features developed for the PC. The new Yahoo! Koprol PC interface includes the enhanced features and functionalities available on mobile and brings these with a consistent look across both mobile and PC platforms to provide users with a seamless experience wherever they are. Users can log in to the existing Koprol URL ( and access the newly transformed site which now has a neater look, simple navigation, intuitive layout and a multitude of user-friendly features that allow for easy conversations.

Recent features include ‘Interesting Streams’ for social commenting, ‘Onboarding’ for easy check-ins, ‘People Finder’ to connect with people in the vicinity and the ‘Hovercard’ which enables users to find the profile information of another user’s “avatar” without having to visit individual profile pages. Popular features which are already available on the mobile like ‘Hot Tags’ which consolidate content on popular topics or events to reflect the collective mood, ‘Koprol Stamp’ feature which serves as a fun element and rewards users for being social with other Koprol users, are all available on the PC. The availability of these enhanced features on the PC also provides an additional channel for entrepreneurs to reach audiences at homes and extend the ‘Koprol for Business’ marketing tool to reach and engage a wider consumer base.

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“While mobile is strengthening its position as the dominant medium for Internet access, many Indonesians are still on the PC.  Yahoo! Koprol’s revamped PC interface is not just a facelift but offers a seamless integration of experiences and features across both mobile and desktop.  This is a significant  step forward in Yahoo! Koprol’s evolution as we leverage our technological expertise to help users transition across various platforms effortlessly,” said Yahoo! Indonesia Country Manager, Pontus Sonnerstedt.

“Yahoo! Koprol has constantly innovated and reinvented to stay one step ahead of our user’s demands for innovation and lifestyle experience. Over the course of this year, we have developed several product-defining features while making Yahoo! Koprol available on Android phones and BBM6.  Now, we’ve stepped up a notch higher to deliver a consistent experience for consumers whether they are on the move or sitting at home in front of a desktop,” said Satya Witoelar, Co-founder of Yahoo! Koprol.

Yahoo! Koprol was set up in 2010 when Yahoo! acquired Indonesian start-up, Koprol. Since its acquisition, Koprol has increased its user base by more than twenty times. The Yahoo! Koprol team has created a service at the intersection of community and location that leverages proprietary technology and insight to deliver unique content and experience and further local talent in Indonesia.