Do You Like Straits Times Revamped Website?

Straits Times has revamped its website. Maybe I am slow, I did not notice it until today. Ever since they have the iPad app, I frequent the website lesser.

Seems that Straits Times is adopting the cleaner look. All the news tab on the left. The highlights is still in the middle and the big story, which to me, is something new, is on the right.

More importantly, they have incorporated (almost) everything into one single page. You can see RazorTV and Stomp embedded into it. And on the social part, it becomes more prominent, showing the Facebook page and the blogs of journalists.

Anyway, it is something that I will have to get used to. I think the website is still not stable. I got connection time out on RazorTV and Stomp.

Click Here to Straits Times


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