First Preview and Hands On of Nokia Lumia 800 (Video)

Thanks to Nokia for the invite, I am one of the few in Singapore that got the chance to take a close look at their first and latest Windows Phone 7 device. Read on to know how I feel about this phone.

I guess the Windows Phone 7 OS needs no introduction. What I think you are interested is the hardware. Here are some pictures of the Nokia Lumia 800.


A close up of the 3 buttons.


Here is a close up of the 8 MegaPixel Carl Zeiss Tessar camera.


This is the speaker.


On the left is the 3.5mm jack, followed by the Micro USB port and the Micro SIM Card compartment.

Micro USB port

Micro SIM Card compartment

Micro SIM card and holder

The Nokia Lumia 800 comes in 3 colors (Black, Cyan, Magenta)

What is unique about this phone is the apps that come along with it. They are Nokia Drive (GPS turn-by-turn Navigation), Nokia Music and Nokia App Highlights.

Here is Nokia Drive (in 3D mode).

I think it is no fun showing you pictures of Nokia Drive or Maps. Here is a video that I put together to show you the hardware, Nokia Drive and Nokia Maps (Beta).

BTW, Singapore will be one of the first countries to get Nokia Lumia 800. It will be available within this year and there is no words on pricing yet.

The overall feel of this phone is solid. It is a tad heavy but the quality is very good. The sad thing that I have to admit (again) is the absence of NFC and Front Facing Camera. And I discovered that on the phone that I played, it does not have WiFi Tethering. I asked but could not get an answer. Anyway, this might not be the final firmware version (I hope). If Nokia wanted to show the world that having Microsoft Windows Phone OS is the right decision, they should also focus on the hardware and features (i.e. WiFi tethering) on the software.

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Nevertheless, they have done a great job to include Nokia Drive (which I think is awesome) and Nokia Maps. Thanks for watching and thanks Nokia, for letting us having a fun time with the preview.