Nokia Humanform Concept Phone is a Humanized Phone (Video)

Since Nokia World, Nokia has been showcasing their concept phone. One of them is this Humanform concept phone that is bendable and using gestures and actions that Nokia called it a humanized phone. Do you agree?

Here is an excerpt about this Humanform concept phone.

Nokia HumanForm was created in a joint effort to translate the most promising new nanotechnologies into meaningful user experience, prototype those for decision making; and transfer and set aspiration for future portfolio.

Project is a key to bring significant user experience benefits to the market thereby creating mindshare and value share through nanotechnology enabled experiences.

Nokia HumanForm is a visionary solution for a dynamically flexible device beyond touch screen and voice communication where technology is invisible and intuition takes over.

Natural interactions are enabled with a kinetic user interface.

Watch this video.


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