You Can Now Do Video Call with Facebook, Powered by Skype (Video)

Today, Facebook made an announcement that video calling to Facebook friends is now possible, thanks to Skype. And vice versa, Skype has updated its desktop version of software allowing deep integration to Facebook.

There are a few ways to make a video call.

1. You can go to the below mentioned link and click on START.

2. You can open up the usual chat menu, click on the person (who is online) and there will be a video calling button for you to click. (BTW, I checked and found it a little funny. The video button only appears when you are at the Video Calling page).

3. You can go to your friend’s profile page. If he/she is online, there will be a video calling button (top right) that you can click.

Here is a video to show you how.

As I mentioned earlier, Skype also did a version up on their desktop application. It is now V5.3 (or v5.5 beta). You can again link Facebook with Skype for the integration. I am having problem linking mine (v5.3 and v5.5 beta)  (although previously, I have linked Facebook without issues).

Click Here to Update Skype Desktop Application