Lady Gaga Fans Battled Out at Singtel ‘Gagafy’ Yourself Event

Was invited to Singtel ‘Gagafy’ Yourself event held at Comcentre. A total of 150 fans battled out one another in their best Lady Gaga inspired outfits, songs, dances to fight for 100 tickets to Lady Gaga showcase coming this Thursday.

It was a hot afternoon. I admire the spirit of these little monsters (as what Lady Gaga has called her fans) dressing up to impress the judges. Each has only one minute to perform and then, their fate (of getting the ticket) is sealed.

Interesting one. Wearing a bra over the head.

Nevermind if you are guy dress like a girl or girl dress like a guy, it seems that anything is considered gagafied.

Here are some contestants supporting fellow contestants.

Yoga seems to be part of Lady Gaga routine.

Here is fan’s version of Telephone.

And Skeleton face.

It seems that the favorite songs are “Born this Way”, “Judas” and “Telephone”. I took one hundred over shots during the event.

Unfortunately, I have to leave earlier. So, I missed out many of the contestants’ performances. Anyway, I have uploaded the high resolution version of the pictures to many places (high = 2048 pixels on the long side). If you know anyone, do tag them 🙂 haha.

Click Here to See the Gagafy Fans at Picasa Web Album

If you are on Google+, click the below link.

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Hope you enjoy them. BTW, all the 150 fans got 2 tickets each, thanks to Singtel for the generosity. Here is the News Release if you are interested.

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